Greetings from Central Elementary! My name is Chris deNeui and I am the newest addition to the administrative team here at Nevada.

Nevada and Colo-NESCO staff members were lucky enough to begin our year listening to acclaimed author V.J. Smith. Smith wrote a book titled “The Richest Man In Town.” The book introduces readers to Marty, who operates a cash register at Wal-Mart in Brookings, S.D. Marty loved people and what made him special was that he actually listened to people, loved them, smiled at them and made people feel like they were the most important person he had met that day. Marty was a poor man by money standards, but the way he treated people made him happy and therefore, richer than he could have ever imagined. Those who knew Marty had the opportunity to “get rich” as well, because of they way he made them feel and the goodness he spread to others.

The message we got from Smith was incredibly powerful for me as I enter into another new year. While this is the beginning of my 24th year in education, I remind myself that it is always the first year for each new group of staff and students. For me to have an opportunity to have a positive impact on the people I get to interact with everyday, makes me the Richest Cub in Town!

Nevada has embraced Capturing Kids’ Hearts and Smith’s story about making personal connections with every person you meet is just the way we do business at Nevada Community Schools. Our kids deserve the very best of us and the very best of each other, so that is what we strive to do. Our world needs more love, kindness and respect now than ever before! We as humans are much more alike than we are different, so focusing on the positives and the ways we are the same is a great way to teach tolerance.

Please join me this year in working together to teach our young ones how to respect, care about and collaborate with others in a way that makes them RICH beyond measure. These are the skills that kids need most and with these skills in their pockets, we can send them out into the world knowing they are ready to be WORLD CHANGERS!

Chris deNeui is the new principal this year at Central Elementary School in Nevada.