To the editor:

I write this letter in support of the Colo-NESCO bond that will be on our Sept 12 ballot. To the good folks of the Colo-NESCO district, I urge you all to support the bond issue that has been brought before us.

The community that brought forward the petition for the bond has done a good job of assessing the needs of the districts through meetings and interviews with the community, school administration, teachers, maintenance folks and the students. A lot of time and thought with the taxpayers’ money in mind was used in the petitioners’ design. The design may not have everything that you think the students may need; the design may have way more than what you think the students may need. What has been designed is the consensus, and the people that educate our kids have asked for. Combine this with an engineer’s input on structures, materials, building-code compliance with cost savings in mind, and you have our bond issue.

If you have to haul two tons of stuff, you need a two-ton truck, no more, no less. This is what has been designed. This design will get the district compliant on ADA, FEMA, FDA, Department of Education, which will have to happen regardless of the outcome of this bond issue at a much higher cost. It will also make the district more energy-efficient, more learning-efficient, make our kids and teachers safe and secure and help pave the way for our district’s success in the future. This design will create a new and modern look to our facilities to help attract new families to our district. The cheapest way for a school district to do large capital improvements is through a GO bond. Combine this with access to roughly 30 percent of our district’s property value in wind turbines and we have an opportunity to fix a lot at once and not increase taxes.

This GO bond takes the voters 60 percent approval; I plan on being one of those 60 percent. This is the bond issue before us. I urge you look forward into the future, the taxes that were, buildings that were, people that were, are no longer. Please take the time to inform yourself about this bond issue. Please take the time out of your busy lives to vote. The time to support the Royal Way is now; this is the future of Colo-NESCO, and the kids are our future.

Brad Kohlwes