Republican Congressional leaders, conservative journalists and Trump’s core base are becoming less and less enamored with our 45th president. As David Leonhardt, Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, writes, “support for the president has started to crack.”

Donald Trump’s blatant public assaults on Jeff Sessions, USA’s 84th Attorney General, have only exasperated the 29 week downward spiral of Trump’s approval rating from 45 to 33 percent. Mr. Sessions was the first Senator (R, AL) to support Donald Trump and on Trump’s vice-presidential short list.

Trump doesn’t comprehend that threatening Alaska’s federal funding due to Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska) voting behavior, calling Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “betrayers” and publicly belittling ultra-conservative Sessions infuriated ardent Republicans.

• Americans ponder if Trump back-stabs life-serving Republicans, who won’t he throw under the bus?

Republican legislators have had it with Trump as witnessed by four events: 1) supporting the bipartisan Senate and House investigation of the Russia scandal, 2) backing Robert Mueller’s special counsel and two grand jury endeavors, 3) voting (Senate 98-2 and House of Representatives 419-3) to approve Russia sanctions while giving Congress the power to review any White House attempt to roll them back and 4) Senate blocking Trump from being able to make August “recess” appointments. These actions are an explicit no-confidence vote about Trump.

Trump is correct when he said “it’s very sad that Republicans do very little to protect their president.” Even a 9th grader understands human behavior and would say, “Mr. Trump, if your Republican controlled Congress can’t find the votes to pass your agenda, won’t defend you against a scandal and avoid town hall meetings to stay clear of questions about your unorthodox behavior, guess what?, G.O.P. legislators shouldn’t protect a weak president.”

• Research is replete voters are tired of Trump’s compulsive lies (116) and 991 juvenile tweets exhibited in the first six months of office.

• When federal judges overturned Trump’s Muslim immigration edict and Trump called them “so-called judges,” he denigrated USA’s basic rule of law.

• Trump questioning the veracity of USA’s 17 intelligence agencies didn’t exhibit much intelligence or street smarts.

• Trump’s apparent ignorance of the three independent branches of government and constitution provisions bewilders those who took a high school civics course.

• Trump has hired only 117 of the 577 key government positions (20 percent) requiring Senate confirmation; either he doesn’t realize the importance of government workers or people don’t want to work for Trump.

Again, Trump’s approval rating has fallen 12 percent in 29 weeks. Put into perspective, that’s a drop of 16.7 million voters from the 2016 election; 575,172 per week or 82,167 per day. This supersedes the total number of voters from the six states (i.e., Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida) who flipped from supporting Obama to Trump.

Disheartened Trump supporters have put two and two together and now realize why Trump won’t release his taxes, why he wants Sessions, Mueller and the Russian election collusion investigation to disappear and why he’s talking about pardoning his family and White House staff.

The Trump “make America great again” loyalists realize the swamp in DC didn’t get drained, coal mining and manufacturing jobs are not rebounding, $1 trillion infrastructure spending is in a pothole, the wall is not being built and the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare and reform our tax code by July 31 failed. Their sigh of “oh, what a tangled web we weave, once we practice to deceive” becomes louder and louder.

Should Trump’s abuse of power, lies, threats, harangues, contempt, ridicule and disgrace continue, his days are numbered. Believe me.

Steve Corbin is a retired UNI professor and a 1966 graduate of Nevada High School.