To the editor:

The fantasy put forward by Supervisor Lauris Olson at the Story County board of supervisors’ meeting this morning (on July 18) is notable. She would have us believe that the County Attorney’s legal assessment of her behavior places fault on the entire board. In reality, Rick Sanders and Marty Chitty are simply bystanders to the work of a one-woman wrecking ball. They have stepped in only to check her ignorance, and to mitigate the damage she has done to the bridge of goodwill between county supervisors and employees.

On one hand, we endured her emotional I’m-so-sorry-that-my-virtue-is-a-problem-for-you-mean-people apology. On the other hand, she would like us to believe that the legal document released today is a simple chastisement of the entire Story County board of supervisors. Why the tears, Ms. Olson, if this is not really about you and your behavior?

Unfortunately, we have elected a county supervisor who shifts blame to besmirch her fellow board members, who appears to be incapable of accepting the most charitable fraternal correction and whose skill at making a proper apology is stuck somewhere in second grade. Supervisor Lauris Olson’s poor attempt today at manipulating fellow supervisors, the county attorney and the public reveals that she is not fit for the office that we, the voters, generously bestowed upon her.

Katherine Asjes