To the editor:

My family comes from a long line of police officers. My grandpa Norris was Capitan of the Tampa police force and then a deputy. My Uncle Joe was Capitan of the Vice department in Tampa and Uncle Billie was head of security for the Sears building in Chicago. Kris’ great Grandpa Wilbur was the town Marshall for Nevada in the early 1900’s and his great Uncle Floyd Baldus was the first police chief of Nevada . We have grown up with respect for police officers and know how dangerous the job is and how it is a selfless profession. These days are trying for them all.

I want to share two instances that I happen upon. I was passing by a lemonade stand and had to turn around to get a cup for myself. (I have always told Henry never to pass up a lemonade stand) As I passed by a Nevada officer was walking across the street to get a glass of lemonade. It made me smile. Then I was driving on Lincoln way this week, the temperature was 95 degrees and down the sidewalk came 5 children of all sizes carrying gianormous icies, bigger than themselves. It was too cute. In my rear view mirror I could see the officer stopping, getting out of his squad car and talking to them all. They were all smiling, then they all gathered by the side of the squad car, held up their icies and got their picture taken. Again it made me smile.

I know that Farm Grounds had coffee with a cop not too long ago. I thought that was way overdue and very happy to see done. Way to go. I do not know many of the Nevada staff and wish for the days when you knew them all by nick name. Thank you for your service and trying hard to be known. You are being noticed for your positive acts.

Debbie Corbin