To the editor:

The Good Samaritan Committee members would like to thank the Nevada Community for attending our recent cookout on June 29 at St. Patrick’s church. We were so excited with the great turnout that we had. We fed 296 people in the first hour that we were open. We were sold out by 6:30 p.m. We raised $4,263. The Good Samaritan Committee, made up of church members from St. Patrick’s, First United Methodist Church, Memorial Lutheran and First Christian Church sponsored the event, with the help of many volunteers from all four churches who helped as workers, cooks, servers or made the tasty desserts that were served. This is a great ecumenical event that we enjoy doing to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. The extra food, chips, carrots, dip, cookies, buns, and assorted condiments were donated the local food pantry.

Special thanks go out to the following Fareway, Subway, Midwest Pack, Duane and Belinda Hanson, Cattleman’s Association, Nevada Journal, Nevada Chamber of Commerce, State Bank, Nevada Lions Club, city of Nevada, Kiwanis Club and Rasmusson-Bacon Funeral Home.


Good Samaritan Volunteers