To the editor:

One man had the foresight and perseverance to convince the hospital board and the community at large to accept the fact that if we wanted to keep the hospital in Nevada, we had to build new. Lots of opposition to this, especially from the west. With the changes and rules for county hospitals from the state and federal government, its amazing approvals were given but that man wouldn’t give up. One man didn’t do it alone, of course. He had a hospital board and many in the public pushing for approval. After that, it was raising the money and securing the building site. Bonds were issued to finance the first phase. The second phase, which just opened and which the open house is being held for, is being financed by United States Department of Agriculture — a program developed to help rural county hospitals on a long-term note at a very favorable interest rate. The building is truly an outstanding design and as you walk through, be sure to greet the hospital board and past board members and say a special “thanks” when you greet Dave Anderson.

Harold Brinkman