Giving back was an important concept my parents, Lester and Norma Corbin, of Nevada, both blue-collar workers, taught my two brothers and me. Whether it was volunteering for the church, helping neighbors less fortunate than us, rolling up our sleeves to help with city projects or giving to Story County endeavors, we learned that by giving we ‘received’ more than we already had.

I’m sure you have your own ‘giving back’ story that you modeled to your children, grandchildren, coworkers, community and/or house of worship. Why do we give back? For many, it is sharing a portion of the time, talents and/or treasures they’ve accumulated. For some, ‘paying it forward’ is a sign of appreciation for what others gave them.

As high school graduates receive their graduation diploma throughout Story County, those with distinguished community service will be recognized through the Silver Cord Program. These unique teenagers are learning the value of giving back to their community, while creating a lifelong habit of being responsible to others and themselves.

Last summer was my Nevada High School Class of 1966’s 50th class reunion. As emcee of our reunion function, I reflected with the 77 out of 94 living classmates how each of us had established a legacy in our family, with our career, in the community where we resided and doing something for the betterment of society. I challenged my classmates to establish a Legacy Scholarship Fund so we would give back to our community that helped nurture us, and also help two distinguished high school students advance their career aspirations. And, I told them if we established our scholarship fund through the Story County Community Foundation (SCCF), our gifts would last forever, in perpetuity, centuries beyond our last classmate’s demise. On May 25, two Nevada High School students received a scholarship from the Class of 1966. With the assistance of SCCF and their professional investment advisors, $2,000 will be awarded at every NHS graduation ceremony … every year … in perpetuity.

Consider working with SCCF to make your annual or legacy giving plans. The foundation works with over 50 local nonprofit agencies and over 50 individuals and families to support community needs. Other reasons you may want to work with SCCF include:

SCCF is a local organization with deep roots in the Story County community

SCCF provides highly personalized service tailored to each individual’s charitable and financial interests

SCCF donor advised funds help people invest in the causes they care about most

SCCF accepts a wide variety of assets and can facilitate even the most complex forms of giving

SCCF partners with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving

SCCF offers maximum tax advantages under state and federal law, including access to Endow Iowa Tax Credits, a 25% state tax credit in addition to normal federal deductions for charitable gifts

SCCF builds endowment funds that benefit the community forever and help create personal legacies

Get the ‘giving back’ conversation started by contacting SCCF at 515-232-9200 or More information is available at

Giving back is establishing a legacy in perpetuity.

Steve Corbin is Professor Emeritus of Marketing, University of Northern Iowa, and a graduate of the Nevada High School Class of 1966.