City workers were out all day this past Saturday dealing with a water main break along 18th Street in Nevada. City Administrator Elizabeth Hansen said the city averages about 10 water main breaks a year, most occuring from December to April when frost in the ground and low temperatures test the aging water mains. "Each main break is different, depending on location and level of frost. We try to fix them ‘live’ or shut the main completely down; otherwise we would have to conduct a boil order per Iowa DNR and we’d have a lot of water loss," Hansen said. City staff ends up working in extreme cold temperatures to fix the breaks. It usually takes a minimum of three employees. This year, Hansen said there have been eight water main breaks so far — last year there was a high of 33. She advises to residents: "This time of year, there should not be water running in the curb or gutter. If you see water, please call City Hall, 382-5466 or, if it’s after hours, call the sheriff’s office dispatch, 382-4305 to report a water main break." Hansen also advises that if you have a bit of rusty water in the area of a water main break, run the water for a period and it should be fine to use. (Photo by Marlys Barker)