I hope you all found something fun to do, or something good to eat at LHD this weekend. The parade committee should be commended for going ahead with a great parade even though it rained right up until 10 a.m. I know that a lot of effort is put in by all the participants, so it would have been a shame to cancel it. It looked like the model railroad display in our building attracted a large crowd all day.

Next Thursday, on the 4th, will be our regular Bingo day. We have decided to start playing at 1 p.m. now instead of 2 as we have in the past. This will get us finished earlier when the days are shorter in the winter. If you need a couple hours away from home on Thursday, I hope you will join us.

Since I may not write next week, because of the holiday, I will remind you of our upcoming potluck on Monday, Sept. 8. Remember that we try to start eating close to 11:30 since it takes a little while for all to be served. Evie Peterson, owner of "Farmhouse Catering" will provide our program that day. When I spoke to Evie this week she told me that she plans to have the former Julieann’s building remodeled and ready to start hosting all kinds of dinner receptions by early next spring. I’m looking forward to hearing more about her plans.

Don’t forget that foot care at our building will be on Tuesday, Sept. 9, from 12:30 -2 p.m. You do not need an appointment, but may just show up at that time.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend with family or friends.