"Successful careers just don’t happen, they require a plan" and "please chase your passion," stated Roger Underwood of Ames, in an address to Nevada High School students on Thursday, Feb. 13.

Underwood, co-founder of Becker Underwood, was invited to speak to the Nevada High School student body as part of the continued effort to ensure that students understand the expectations of today’s workplace. "Get a DUI or OWI, and you won’t get hired," and "get a DUI or OWI and you will get fired at many companies today," the speaker said. In fact, he told students, if they get arrested for most anything, they may not get hired.

"Purple hair, nose rings and other apparel could block your opportunities also," said Underwood. "Companies do not want potential negatives presented to the customers."

Underwood enjoyed meeting students in the crowd before the assembly and asked them about future plans. Students were also allowed to ask questions at the end of the presentation. Nevada FFA President Megan Pringnitz introduced the speaker, assisted by Tyler Jones. Joe Wakeman and Jon Kruse prepared the auditorium and monitored the light and sound quality.