Over the course of 11 days, five Nevada FFA members lived and breathed the Iowa State Fair. Four of the five students, Ashten Arnaud, Ashley Murphy, Austin Carolus and Grace Dutton, were grandstand ushers.

During the day, they would work the entrance gates to the fair handing out programs, or doing various volunteer events such as working Sheep Shearing and the Parade of Champions. At night, these four FFA members would join with a group of 103 other Iowa FFA members and work the Iowa State Fair grandstand. The ushers provided help, guidance and direction to every individual at the grandstand, as well as providing a little extra security.

Savannah Kyle, the fifth Nevada FFA member, served at the 2014 Iowa State Fair as a free stage attendant. She worked the entire day, and sometimes through the night, running a particular free stage. Her duties included the setup and cleanup of the stages, making sure every show worked and was scheduled on time, and was even able to meet and hang out with most of the acts that came to her stage.

As an FFA member, working the Iowa State Fair as either a grandstand usher or as a free stage attendant is an unforgettable experience, where students gain knowledge, leadership skills and lifelong friends.