Nevada High School is the recipient of a $35,000 grant from Project Lead The Way (PLTW), the nation’s leading science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program. The grant was made possible by a generous donation from Bemis Company. Funds from the grant will support the implementation of the PLTW engineering curriculum, including the purchase of materials and equipment that will be used in the hands-on, activity-, project- and problem-based courses that are a distinguishing characteristic of PLTW’s curriculum.

"We are extremely honored to receive this grant from the Bemis Company to help support our development of the PLTW, Pathway to Engineering program at Nevada High School. The program will allow our students to gain hands on experiences in real world problem solving that will expose them to STEM careers. This is a huge opportunity for our school and our students," said Justin Gross, Nevada High School principal.

Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, Nevada High School will offer PLTW’s Pathway To Engineering (PTE) program, a program in which students engage in open-ended problem- solving, learn and apply the engineering design process, and build strong teamwork, communication, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Throughout the PTE courses, students use the same industry-leading technology and software as the world’s top companies. In many cases, students have the opportunity to earn college credit, further setting them up for postsecondary and career success.

The PLTW grant application process is highly competitive for schools. To receive a grant, schools go through a rigorous application process, which includes demonstrating that the school meets specific requirements and eligibility criteria to be awarded grant funds. The requirements include district and community support, teacher professional development, technology acquisitions, a program sustainability plan and many other factors.

"Project Lead The Way is committed to providing the highest quality STEM education to prepare today’s students for the global economy," said PLTW President and CEO Vince Bertram. "We were pleased to receive so many quality grant applications, and we look forward to partnering with Nevada High School to prepare our nation’s next generation of innovators. Finally, we’d like to thank our generous industry partners, who made this grant possible."

PLTW inspires and engages students in STEM learning through four programs, which span from kindergarten through twelfth grade: PLTW Launch, designed for students in grades K-5; Gateway To Technology for middle school students and Pathway To Engineering and Biomedical Sciences for high school students. Each program emphasizes the integration of core math and science topics with skills such as problem- solving, critical thinking, and teamwork – the top in-demand skills identified by business and industry leaders for success in the global economy.

For more information on Project Lead The Way, visit or contact Jennifer Cahill, PLTW senior director of media and public relations, at You may also contact Justin Gross, Nevada High School principal, at