The home of Steve and Renee Larsen has been the centerpiece of this family farm since 1883 and this year the Larsens celebrate 130 years of continuous Larsen family occupancy. Five generations have lived in the home since the family came to Iowa from Denmark. While it has undergone many changes over the years, it has always been a great place to raise children and enjoy country living.

The original 1880’s home was a two story structure heated with coal and wood with a kitchen, parlor and bedroom downstairs and bedrooms for the family’s children upstairs. After World War II many farm families began to modernize their homes. In 1948 the second story was removed and the house was rebuilt into a ranch-style home so common in that period. In the decades that ensued, several phases of remodeling have enlarged the home and added living areas, bedrooms, and a new kitchen for the family. While visitors will see a modern six bedroom/four bath home, the areas in the center of the house are still the original 1880’s rooms.

Steve and Renee have enjoyed carrying on the family tradition of maintaining and making changes to the home in the 22 years they have lived in it. One hundred thirty Christmas holidays have been celebrated here, and they are happy to share their home with visitors during this special time of year.