If you have ever wondered what Santa’s home might look like at Christmas, this may be an opportunity to find out. No, you do not have to visit the actual North Pole. There is an elf in Nevada who has helped out Santa for 44 years. And, you may ask, what does this elf have for a hobby? Why collecting Santas, of course. Every two years, they all come out to say "Hi!" This is that year.

Rita and Mike Foley moved into their ranch-style home on Jashalita Drive seven years ago. With the exception of two bedrooms inhabited by their sons, every room in their home is filled with Santa. Statues, prints, wall hangings, mobiles and even rugs are located throughout their home.

The den has a large Christmas tree decorated with over 300 ornaments, only two of which are identical. (Just try to find them!) A second tree in the lower level is decorated with even more ornaments that the main tree can no longer hold.

The Foleys welcome those on the Historical Holiday Tour to enjoy the Spirit of Christmas in touring their home.