The Nevada High School cafeteria opened to students this Monday. Completion of the kitchen and commons area wraps up a multi-phase high school construction project.

Nevada Food Service Director Candy Anderson said the new design of the serving area gives four places where students can choose their meal, instead of one long line, which was the previous method.

"We have also added an additional clerk, so students will be able to go through the line much faster," Anderson said.

The new kitchen looks enormous, compared to the old, but Anderson said as the staff is moving into it, "we are finding that we need every inch of space."

The kitchen offers designated stations for food preparation, with plenty of room in each area. "We have a much more efficient floor plan that makes everyone’s job a little easier," she said. She also hopes they can prepare food faster with the updated equipment.

The new kitchen also allows for several different options of food, from traditional school lunch, to stir fry options.

Anderson said she enjoys the change of the new kitchen, cafeteria area, describing it as a beautiful, open cafeteria with plenty of light and window space. "It is aesthetically pleasing, bright and colorful, and we have incorporated various seating arrangements that students will enjoy."

As students start to utilize the new serving and cafeteria area, Anderson said she thinks they’ll be in awe. "I think they will be happy about the increased meal choices, speed of service and the seating arrangements in the cafeteria."

Nevada High School Principal Justin Gross said the area turned out better than anyone could have imagined.

"Our students have voiced concerns with the way lunch has gone since I arrived here three years ago," Gross said. "The new cafeteria and commons was built/designed to address most of their concerns, so I am excited that it is now a reality that our students can enjoy."

Gross thanks all of the citizens of Nevada for supporting the schools and providing the district with such great facilities to educate the students of Nevada.