Details on a proposed housing addition in the Indian Ridge development was discussed during last Thursday’s Nevada Planning and Zoning Commission work session.

Kurt Friedrich of Friedrich Iowa Realty shared what the development would be like with the gathered community members. The proposed development would be north of the existing houses, with 13 single-family lots on the south side of the new development and 26 town homes to the north of them. The town home lots would consist of 13 adjoining town homes. Friedrich said even though the structures would be adjoining, they would be designed so they can be owner-occupied.

"Our focus is to create owner-occupied housing," Friedrich said.

The minimum size requirements for single-family homes with a ranch style design would be 1,200-square feet and two-story structures would need to be at least 1,500-square feet. The ranch-style town homes would be at least 900-square feet, while the two-story town homes’ size requirement would be at least 1,200-square feet. Friedrich said they will offer a number of layout options for interested buyers to consider, though buyers will also be able to bring their own layouts to the table to make their future home meet their needs. Another requirement all structures in the development will need to meet is that each must have at least a two-car garage.

Friedrich said if only one-half of an adjoining town home is sold, they would speculatively build the other half. He also spoke about the possibility for having stand-alone town homes in the development, but an amendment to the zoning ordinance would need to be made before this could happen.

The price of the single-family homes would have a baseline of $225,000, while the town homes’ base price could be as low as $180,000. Friedrich hopes to begin grading work later this year, if the project is approved, and start infrastructure work next spring. The plan is to build 12-15 units per year.

"While I would like to think we could build through this in a year or two, that would be overzealous of me," Friedrich said.

During the discussion, community members were given the chance to ask questions about the development. Pauline Johnson of Nevada was concerned about the possibility of the town homes being rented by individuals. Friedrich said there is a possibility the town homes would be rented, but Friedrich Iowa Reality would serve as the owners of those units. They do not rent to undergraduates, and the town homes would be considered high-end rentals because of their size and rental rates.

Steve Karsjen wanted to know what would become of the green space to the west and north of the proposed development. Friedrich said both areas will remain green spaces and some landscaping will be done to the area, such as planting trees. The lot on the northeast corner of the development, at the intersection of Lincoln Highway and Osage Drive, is not part of the development.

If approved, this will be Friedrich Iowa Realty’s first subdivision project in Nevada. They have built 40 subdivisions in Ames. Friedrich said it is the realty company’s hope that their first experience in Nevada will be a positive one and will meet the community’s expectations.

"We’re very happy and feel privileged to move forward with this project and hope it will be a great success," Friedrich said.

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