Nevada Kiwanis

Thirty-five members were present on Aug. 5. There were no guests. Joe will have the invocation next week and the following week it will be Don Seaton. Greeters next week will be Meg and Joel. The following week will be Linda and Judy Chance.

The sweet corn schedule is out and sales are going well. We had our money box pilfered last Saturday, but we have it remedied. Remember to appear at your appointed times.

The club picnic on Aug. 26 is also a recruitment event. Please consider bringing guests whom you think would make good members.

Brenda’s name was drawn and she came up with the answer. Next week is $5.00.

Next week we have a big week of birthdays - Lynn Lathrop on the 10th, Jody on the 11th, Jerome on the 14th and Phil on the 15th.

Maggie Davis introduced Kathy Goecke, Central Elementary principal, who spoke on the school’s exercise programs, with emphasis on the spring Mileage Club Program.

Fact of the Week: Noxema skin cream was invented 100 years ago and was originally sold as Dr. Bunting’s Sunburn Remedy.

Nevada Rotary

President Tammy Oxley presided at the Aug. 6 noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Nevada. In attendance were 30 Rotarians, three visiting Rotarians and one guest.

Reports were given on the Chamber and Market activities.

The meeting began with singing "America" and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Myron Herzberg led us in prayer. The club recited the Rotary 4-way test.

Rod Biensen played the piano while the club sang "You Are My Sunshine".

Announcements were made regarding the following: The Rotary Exchange Student from Italy has arrived. The Joint Social with Ames Rotary to be held Aug. 14 from 5-7 p.m. will be held at Gates Memorial Hall. Those who volunteered to help with the Lincoln Highway Days Parade are to report to City Hall by 9 a.m. on Aug. 23.

The speaker for today’s program, Ray Reynolds, Fire Chief for the Nevada Fire Department, was introduced by Elizabeth Hansen. Fire Chief Ray Reynolds provided the club with an update on projects and activities completed and being performed by the Fire Department. To learn more about the Nevada Fire Department visit or find them on Facebook at "Nevada Fire Department".

President Tammy Oxley recited the following quote: "Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living, the other helps you make a life." Sandra Carey.

The meeting was adjourned after Sergeant of Arms, Lynn Scarlett, dispensed the justice for the day.

The Rotary Club of Nevada meets on Wednesdays at Noon at Indian Creek Country Club. To learn more about the Rotary Club of Nevada visit or find us on Facebook at "Rotary Club of Nevada".

Golden K Kiwanis

Thirty members and four guests were present at the Aug. 5 meeting of Golden K Kiwanis, presided over by President Leland Roegner. Dick Atwell greeted members and guests and Marlene Anderson gave the invocation.

President Roegner introduced YSS Prevention Specialist Laura Bell who gave a presentation on electronic nicotine devices or e-cigarettes. An e-cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer that uses a heating element or atomizer to vaporize a liquid solution containing nicotine and flavorings. Users of the device are called vapors, not smokers. There are many different brands of e-cigarettes offering different levels of nicotine and several varieties of flavorings.

The use of e-cigarettes has become more widespread due to several factors. No regulations govern the production, marketing or nicotine content of the product. No list of ingredients is required. E-cigarettes are cheaper than regular tobacco products and are sold in an increasing number of retail businesses and on the internet. Extensive advertising of the product is aimed at all ages.

Since the safety and short or long term health consequences of using e-cigarettes are not known, many studies are now being conducted. Health issues and the increase in nicotine poisoning from the liquid in e-cigarettes in youth and young adults has prompted the FDA to seek regulation of the product. As of July, a person must be 18 years or older to purchase e-cigarettes in Iowa and some other states.

Gwen Frese reported on the Division 11 meeting held in Ames on Aug. 2. Teen Maze was rated a huge success by all participating. Two representatives from each club are needed to serve on the maze steering committee which will begin meeting next April. Each Kiwanis club will be billed $4 per member per year to cover the cost of a liability insurance policy for its officers and board members.

Laura Van Allen displayed three club shirt choices available if members decide to order new Golden K shirts.

Club members will meet in the Memorial Church parking lot at 9:30 on Aug. 12 to carpool to Lincolnway Energy for a guided tour of the facility. That evening, 10 members will attend the Story City Kiwanis meeting.

At the close of the meeting, "Happy Birthday" was sung to Dale Sloan. Pat Trulin won the 50/50 drawing.