Nevada Lions

The Nevada Lions met March 12 at Windsor Manor; the meeting was called to order by Lion President Jerry. After dinner Marilyn Argotsinger played the piano for us as we tried to sing a few songs, Marilyn adds so much to our meetings. Lion Tamer Paul then took a few quarters away from us as we did not answer very many of his questions about the weather. Lion Jerry then introduced our speaker for the evening, Eldon Weber. He said he grew up on a farm in the Loess Hills of Woodbury County, and as he got a little older he started realizing the terrible loss of soil, especially in that area. He has spent most of his working life trying to inform people of things that can be done to save our good black Iowa dirt. Working with and through Iowa State, he developed conservation plans and taught instructors how to get the message across. He wrote a book, which is widely used in by soil conservationists. Mr. Weber has started a program called Pizza thon to help introduce elementary students to soil conservation and have fun doing it. He is looking for some support for his program to spread it across the state. We thank Eldon for the very interesting program. Our next meeting will be March 26 at Windsor Manor.

Nevada Kiwanis

Thirty-three members were present on March 11. We had one member from the Key Club.

Please invite a guest to a meeting that you would like to see join our club. Don’s name was drawn and he let it ride. Next week is $10.

Cyndie Heintz introduced Roxie Weber, who spoke on the Kids At First program.

Fact of the Week: In the U.S., a child will wear down an average of 730 crayons by his or her 10th birthday.