Nevada Rotary

The Nevada noon Rotary Club met March 5 at the Indian Creek Country Club. Reports were given. Several Rotarians were honored as Paul Harris fellows. Updates from the Chamber included the Mix and Mingle, Thursday, March 20, 5–7 p.m. at the Extension Office; Nevada PTA Carnival, March 28, 6-8 p.m.; and benefit for Greg Wycoff, April 5, 4–7:30 p.m., with a dance following at Indian Creek Country Club.

This week’s program was given by Keith Hobson. There are five avenues of service in Rotary: Club, Community, Youth, Vocation and International. Keith focused his presentation on the International aspect. Rotary participates in four types of international giving.

1. Friendship Exchange where Rotarians and community members swap visits with those from another country to learn about their culture and economy.

2. Fire And Medical Supply Company (FAMSCO) which is based out of Iowa City and organizes medical supplies and vehicles to countries in need.

3. Iowa Miles of Smiles Team (Iowa MOST) based in Guatemala and Honduras. This team of doctors, volunteers, and nurses travels once a year to perform cleft palette surgeries .

4. International Projects in Ara, Nigeria and Xicotepec, Mexico.

The Nigeria project was started by Denny and Kathy Skinner in 1996. They partnered with the late Dr. Michael Warren, an ISU professor, and his wife Mary. Both gave programs to the club before and after the project’s completion. The matching grant spanned two years and seven projects for this small community in need. These included: 500 books for a library; stove, chalkboard and books for the day care; fans, toilet, table, sink for their community office; running water and drinking water to three schools; palm oil machine for the women’s food production industry so it no longer had to be extracted by hand; windows, doors and security for the bank; and electricity to the training facility for the disabled.

This project was our club’s first matching grant from Rotary International. Our modest $2,000 turned into $12,820 for this community.

The Xicotepec project involves 70-plus students, Rotarians and community members each year. All are welcomed by the local Rotary club and work side by side to strengthen this community. Projects include: adding rooms, flooring, roof, playgrounds and library for the school; teaching dental health to children and providing a toothbrush and paste to all; fluoride treatments; water filtration and disinfection system; drinking fountains; assistance and improvements to orphanage; and de-worming medications

Americans are very popular with the Xicotepec children. They have an appreciation and provide a thank-you show at the end of every visit. Many thanks to Keith for explaining our international contributions and showing us the value in helping other communities.

Nevada Kiwanis

Thirty-seven members were present on March 4.

Dean will hold a meeting next Tuesday morning before our meeting for those who have or want to have input into sweet corn sales.

Please invite a guest to a meeting whom you would like to see join our Club.

Jody’s name was drawn and she had the answer. Next week is $5.

Meg Frideres and three students from the high school - Alex, Gabby and Alexis - presented a program describing the new group RSVP and its activities and accomplishments at the school.

Fact of the Week: The history of standard time and time zones in the U. S. began on Nov. 18, 1883, when it was instituted by the railroads.

Colo World Outlook Club

Nine members of W.O. club met at Jane Coughenhour’s home Feb. 18. Liz Beck from Heartland in Ames, gave an informative program about Heartland Senior services. Minutes and treasurer’s reports were given and approved. Old business—Edythe Mueller will serve our 100-year celebration, at 10 to 11 dollars per plate, consisting of quiche, fruit and rolls. Committee members to plan the program are Patty, Dorothy, Joyce and Jane. Invitations and table decorations are Claudia, Betty and Irene. Claudia will bring samples of invitations to the March meeting. More discussion at March meeting. We will discuss changes to United Charities at March meeting. Thank-you’s were read from Fun days committee, Heartland and Iowa Sister States. The Caldecott and Newbery books have already been selected as memorial books, so we won’t be purchasing them this year. Health and safety report was about fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Next meeting will be March 18 at the community center, with Dorothy Cerka as hostess and Patty Geer as co-hostess.