Mayor Lynn Lathrop has proclaimed National Volunteer Week, to be held April 6-13 in Nevada.

"The city would like to inspire and encourage people to seek ways to become engaged in the community. We also want to recognize those that are. There is so much that can be accomplished by working together on a common goal," he said.

The mayor plans to attend as many city board and commission meetings as he can in the month of April to personally thank each person for their service.

"Volunteers are vital to our future. We appreciate their time and dedication as they are making a real difference in the lives of our residents," added Lathrop.

The city would like to thank those presently volunteering on the following city’s boards and commissions:

Board of Adjustments: Sharon Johnson, Raymond Kassel, Greg Madsen, Dianna Haley and Fred Samuelson

Board of Appeals: Steve Hambly, Jeremy Williamson, Gary VanSickle and Joe Anderson

Fire and EMS Board: Jerry Linn and Randy Markley (rural representatives), Chris Clark and Jim Walker (city representatives), and Bob Jacobson (chair and president of Nevada Rural Fire Protection Association)

Historic Preservation Commission: Linda Wright, Jan Gammon and Josh Harms

Human and Community Service Committee: Senior representative Delores Strum, Family representative Alison Boelman, Physician representative Kristian Dugger, Clergy representative Brenda Hobson and Financial representative Michelle Fullerton

Library Board of Trustees: Carolyn Shaw, Sandy Ehrig – chair, Hank Zaletel, Barb Parker, Adam Riedell and Rebecca Funke

Parks and Recreation Board: Mark Cahill, Deb Parker, Justin Gross, Laura Kiesling, Glen Miller, Linda Griffith and Karen Selby

Planning and Zoning Commission: Matt Rhodes, Ron Farrington, Stuart Huse, Alyssa Weirson, James Stevens, Bo Duckett and Brett Barker

Re-Development Incentive Fund Committee: Council member Andy Kelly, City Administrator Elizabeth Hansen, Nevada Economic Development Council Executive Director LaVon Schiltz, Nevada Chamber of Commerce member Jim Axline, Planning and Zoning board member, Alyssa Weirson and Historic Preservation board member, Jan Gammon

Nevada Senior Community Center Board: Dan Bappe – chair, Almeda Warner, Ken Shaw, Dennis Van Allen and Lynn Boeset

Currently there are available positions on the board of Appeals and Historic Preservation Commission. If anyone is interested in serving on these or other city boards or commissions, you can review the board descriptions and download the application from the city’s website at or by picking up an application at City Hall.

If your organization would like to invite the mayor to your meeting, please contact City Hall at 382-5466.