Nevada Police

The following information is released by the Nevada Police Department. The Journal prints all information released from the department, including juvenile arrests, as per current law. We would encourage the public to keep in mind that these charges are merely an accusation, and the defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


3/31: Catherine Elizabeth Eller, Nevada, 28, 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

4/01: Raymond Lyle Desher, Nevada, 23, 1-Drug Paraphernalia, 2-Drug Poss Meth, 3-Theft 4th Degree-All Other Larceny

4/02: Nicole Lynn Anderson, Bayard, 26, 1-O.W.I. 2nd offense

4/02: Jeremy Paul Weigel, Nevada, 28, 1-O.W.I. 3rd offense, 2-D.W.L.B., 3-D.W.L.R., 4-D.W.L.R.for drug conviction, 5-DUS

4/03: Dustin Andrew Scott, Nevada, 24, 1- Theft 5th Degree-Shoplifting, 2-Warrant

4/04: Fernando Hernandez, Nevada, 51, 1-O.W.I. 2nd offense, 2-No D.L.

4/05: Shannon John Stoeffler, Merrill, 44, 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

4/08: Eric Lynn Terrones, Nevada, 26, 1-Warrant

4/12: Hayden Tyler Foster, Nevada, 28, 1-Drugs-Possession of Controlled Substance

4/12: Leigha Nicole Robbins, Marshalltown, 20, 1-Drugs-Possession of Controlled Substance

4/13: Eric William Mullen, Clive, 21, 1-O.W.I. 2nd offense

4/14: Juvenile, Colo, 17, 1-Drug Poss Marj

4/15: Doris Ann Bailey-Olsen, Elkhart, 64, 1-Public Intoxication (1st)

4/16: Christopher David Peter, Ames, 18, 1-Burglary 3rd Degree

4/16: Megan Lorraine Wiedmann, Nevada, 33, 1-Warrant

4/17: Michael Stephen Montgomery, Nevada, 58, 1-Assault (Serious)

4/17: Todd Allen Smith, Nevada, 44, 1-Theft 5th Degree-Shoplifting

4/18: Rachel Kristine McFarland, Nevada, 33, 1-Warrant

4/19: Mark Roger Haburn, Nevada, 45, 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

Incident Reports:

3/30: 1-Animal Bite, 2-Animal-Quarantine-Rabies Determination

3/31: 1-O.W.I. 1st offense; 1-Found Property; 1-Property Damaged

4/01: 1-Identity Theft; 1-Drug Paraphernalia, 2-Drug Poss Meth; 1-Theft-Bicycle; 1-DHS Referral

4/02: 1-O.W.I. 2nd offense; 1-O.W.I. 3rd offense, 2-D.W.L.B., 3-D.W.L.R., 4-D.W.L.R.for drug conviction, 5-DUS; 1-D.W.L.B., 2-Indecent Exposure; 1-Criminal Mischief 4th Degree

4/03: 1-Theft 3rd Degree-All Other

4/04: 1-O.W.I. 2nd offense, 2-No D.L.; 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

4/06: 1-O.W.I. 1st offense, 1-Burglary 3rd from Motor Vehicle-Attempted

4/07: 1-DHS Referral

4/08: 1-Nuisance Abatement

4/10: 1-Assault (D/A) (Simple); 1-Drug Del Marj; 1-DHS Referral; 1-Assault-Willful Injury Class D; 1-Sex Offender Registry

4/12: 1-Theft 1st Degree-All Other; 1-Drugs-Possession of Controlled Substance; 1-Drugs-Possession of Controlled Substance

4/13: 1-O.W.I. 2nd offense

4/14: 1-Drug Poss Marj; 1-No D.L.; 1-Criminal Mischief 5th Degree

4/15: 1-DPQ; 1-Public Intoxication (1st); 1-Burglary 3rd Degree

4/16: 1-Animal at Large-Prohibited Animal Nuisance, 2-Animal-Impounded

4/17: 1-Found Property; 1-Theft 5th Degree-Shoplifting; 1-Assault (Serious)

4/18: 1-O.W.I. 1st offense, 2-Drug Poss LSD, 3-Drug Poss Cont Sub without a Valid Prescription, 4-Drug Poss Cont Sub without a Valid Prescription, 5-Drug Poss Cont Sub without a Valid Prescription, 6-Drug Del Cocaine; 1-Identity Theft; 1-Identity Theft;1 - Theft (OMVWOC)

4/19: 1-O.W.I. 1st offense