Debbie Goetz of Nevada takes care of her granddaughters many weeks throughout the summer, and is always looking for new things for them to do.

So last Wednesday, she let the girls set up a lemonade stand at her home at 708 Lakeshore Drive.

“Nana said we were going to do a lemonade stand and had to pick a charity (where the earnings would go),” said oldest granddaughter, Adison Burke, 10, of Ames.

“We wanted to raise it for animals,” Adison said. It was an easy decision, because pets are a big part of the girls’ lives. There are three pets at their dad’s house, six at their mom’s house and one at their grandma’s.

When all was said and done, their stand, set up on July 11, raised $107.70 .

At the time, grandma Debbie posted on Facebook last Wednesday that the girls had raised just under $70, and grandma shared how proud she was that the money would be going to the Story County Animal Shelter. That sparked more interest and more donations so that on Friday morning, they were able to hand Sue McCaskey, director of the animal shelter, located in Nevada, a box with over $100 in it.

McCaskey, first of all, was impressed by their creatively made money box — which said money on the top and was decorated and divided inside to sort the bills from the change.

“This,” McCaskey said, as she looked at the girls — Adison and her two younger sisters, Kaidence, 8, and Piper, 2 — “is the future of the animals right here. Kindness starts when they’re young, and we have so many animals in need… We are always so proud when kids do these kinds of things.”

Adison said she learned, through the experience, how generous people are in giving to good causes.

She told a story from the day of a man who stopped by their stand on a motorcycle, and only wanted half a cup of lemonade but gave them the 50 cents price for it, and then gave them a $5 bill, plus another $1 bill “just to throw his cup away,” she said.

Debbie said another interesting customer was her neighbor, Jan Lundgren, who asked for a cup, with nothing in it, just so she could put all the spare change from her car and purse in the cup, along with a $5 bill and a few wood chips. They all laughed about finding the wood chips. “Not sure where those came from,” Debbie said, however, Jan is an avid decorator, so it’s not totally surprising.

It was a fun way to spend a day, meet people and raise money for a good cause. And now the older girls are ready to do it again. They want to raise money for the Nevada Fire Department on their next go-around, which Debbie said will probably be next week. She’ll post it on the Nevada page on Facebook, and also will try to let the Journal know to post it on the Nevada Journal Facebook page.

And with all of it, Adison noted one additional exciting thing about raising funds for charity and sharing it on Facebook or in the newspaper. “I was like, we’re famous!”