Central Elementary PE instructor Tori Shahidi loves Go the Distance Day each year. This year, she created — with help from others to carry it all out — 20 unique stations for kids. The day’s heat, over 90 degrees in the sun, made lots of water breaks and rest breaks necessary last Friday at both locations, across from Gates Hall and on the high school football field. “We brought out tents — thank you all who did — and they really helped,” she said. Shahidi said Principal Chris de Neui and herself have already talked about making the event more doable in the future, when it comes to heat concerns. “I’m already scheming for more ideas for water to save the day,” Shahidi said. Shahidi gives a huge thanks to the teachers, who were good sports as they headed out into the hot day with their kids. How did she deal with the heat personally? “By being grateful for the volunteers that ran the stations I created! Gotta admit, I didn’t sleep much the few days leading up to it! I got home at 5 (that night), showered and fell asleep!” See many more photos from the day on the Journal’s Facebook page.