As spring comes upon us, the Nevada Community Historical Society has started to ready its properties for tours starting the Memorial Day weekend. A recent inspection of the Briggs Terrace/Evergreen Lane historical complex revealed that some time in the first or second week of March, a vandal shot BB holes through six windows on the property, resulting in approximately $400-500 in damage.

The Nevada Police Department was contacted and the damage documented. The police agreed to increase patrols in the area. However, the best security is watchful neighbors and passers-by, looking for suspicious activity. The Historical Society asks the community’s help in maintaining a watchful eye on the complex grounds.

The Historical Society members have always welcomed the public use of their properties and enjoyment of the gardens and grounds. They feel their properties offer unique venues for events and are assets to the community. This intentional destruction of the property only serves to deplete the resources of the NCHS, which are necessary to complete the historical restoration of the beautiful home and outbuildings built by Otis Briggs in 1879.