The Iowa State Legislature returned to work on Monday. Here is what a few residents of this area gave as answers to the question: “What do you want to see your state legislators working on this year?”

Jodi Girard of Collins

I would love them to address the growing mental health problems and lack of resources for families who are dealing with these issues, both in adults and children.

A simplified tax code. My husband is self employed and it takes a doctorate practically to do our taxes. Right now the system is not set up to encourage people like him to earn more money each year. He either stays where he is earnings-wise (so he doesn’t get bumped up into a higher tax bracket) or he has to get “big” with multiple employees (which makes doing taxes even more challenging).

Linda Wright, Nevada

1) Raising the minimum wage to $15 so no Iowan who works full time has to live in poverty

2) Creating a universal health care system to cover every Iowan

3) Clean water

4) Renewable energy

Maxine Harms of Nevada

My concern for the upcoming legislative action would be for more money and effort to restore the mental health facilities and make it a priority to fund beds in more areas.

Sue Vande Kamp, Nevada

Each candidate should be very forthcoming about their ideas for fixing both Medicaid and the mental health system. The changes made in the last couple years were not well-thought out and were implemented without a lot of careful planning. And — these changes have had disastrous effects on too many Iowa families. While the legislature needs to be mindful of how our tax dollars are spent, we also need to insist that those who rely on the state for these services are taken care of.

Dave Struthers, Collins

Water quality funding. Pass the bill that the Senate put forth last session.

Greg Kinzle, Nevada

The courts already recognized that if a pregnant woman is murdered it’s a double homicide. Our legislators also need to recognize that this is a human being, it’s a baby.

And they need to fund water quality legislation that had been previous passed.

And there are organizations lobbying for assisted suicide to be legalized. We cannot have this in the state of Iowa.