This week, the Nevada Journal continues to honor the talented youth of Nevada with more local kids who are involved in this coming weekend’s presentation of “The Nutcracker,” being performed Dec. 9 and 10 at CY Stephens Auditorium in Ames.

The Biensen children — Leah, 10; Caleb, 9; and Luke, 7 — are performing for their fifth, fourth and second years, respectively. They are the children of Rod and Tricia Biensen. Leah, an Iowa Youth Ballet, competitive dancer and classroom assistant, will play a Raggedy Ann Doll and a Chinese role. Caleb, also a classroom assistant, will play one of Fritz’s friends. Luke will be a begger.

Lilli Hovar, daughter of Matt and Lisa Hovar, is a mouse in the production. It is the 12-year-old’s fifth year in “The Nutcracker.” Hovar is a member of the Irish Performance Team.

Siblings Eva Kellen and Daniel Kellen, children of Jeff and Kim Kellen, are performing in their 10th and ninth consecutive years in this production. Eva, 15, who is an assistant dance instructor, a competitive dancer and a member of the Iowa Youth Ballet, will play Snowflake, Arabian and American roles. Daniel, 17, a competitive dancer and member of the Iowa Youth Ballet, will be a male party guest, Mouse King and play both Hungarian and Arabian men.

Siblings Madaline, 16, and Haileigh, 13, Patton, children of Scott and Deborah Patton, are in the performance for their 10th and eighth years, respectively. Madaline, who is a dance instructor, will play Snowflake, Flute and Irish and Dew Drop Fairy and Fairy Godmother. She is a member of the Iowa Youth Ballet and of the Irish Performance Team. Haileigh, an assistant instructor and member of the Iowa Youth Ballet and Irish Performance Team, will play Snowflake, Irish and Flower soloists.

Aliyah Sanchez, 10, daughter of Raul and Stephanie Sanchez, will play Clara’s Little Friend. Aliyah is a competitive dancer, classroom assistant and member of the Iowa Youth Ballet.

Also dancing in the Nutcracker are Kayla Freeman of Colo and Capri Cory of McCallsburg. Kayla, daughter of Angie Freeman, will play Clara’s Big Friend. Capri, child of Joy Cory, will play an Indian Boy.