One of the bigger chunks of the evening was spent discussing Colo’s fire department communications with Fire Chief Dennis Clatt. Since Marshall County recently updated their radio system, the Colo Fire Department can hear, but not speak back to, any department outside the county. The same is true for Polk and Jasper counties. Firefighters must use cell phones to communicate, for instance, if there is a fire or rescue near State Center. This is problematic because depending on the situation (structure fire, grass fire, EMS call, etc.) the department uses different vehicles.

Further complicating the issue is that Story Country Supervisor Marty Chitty mentioned that the county may be synchronizing the county’s radio communications, which could make anything the city buys in the interim obsolete. This system would allow fire, EMS and police personnel to communicate with one another throughout the county.

Librarian Joanie Jamison was pleased with the turnout of around 20 people for the library’s first ‘Coffee and Conversation’ event. City Clerk Amy Kohlwes attended and filled attendees in on what is happening around Colo. Jamison feels that this is a great indication that people want to know what is happening in their community. She also encourages all residents to not only read the city’s newsletter, but to use it for anything they feel the rest of the community should know about. The Festival of Trees unveiled at the Christmas in Colo event Saturday can be viewed at the library throughout December.

A discussion between potential developer Ted Rasmusson and the council was left with both parties wishing for more information on whether to move forward. Among the items discussed were sidewalks, storm drainage, earthwork, and street surface. No action was taken and it is expected that the development project will be discussed again soon.

In closing, Mayor John Wilson thanked Diane Nichols and Paul Conrad for their service to the city, as this was their final meeting as members.

The next Colo City Council meeting will be held Monday, Jan. 8.