Nevada residents were invited to City Hall last Wednesday evening, Nov. 15, to look over drawings and plans for the upcoming intersection-widening project at Airport Road and Lincoln Highway. It was residents’ opportunity to visit with city officials — many of them were present — and to ask questions or state concerns about the plans.

What the drawings show is that Lincoln Highway will be widened the Airport Road corner to include three lanes for westbound traffic — a left turn lane, a right turn lane (for eventual growth in that direction) and a straight through lane. The project also includes a straight through lane and a right turn lane for eastbound traffic coming toward Nevada.

Janet Schaeffer was one resident who attended, because she’s had major concerns about that corner, especially when traveling toward Ames. “My concern is about how slick it becomes” right before you get to that corner, because of a place where the wind feathers through the field and over the highway there. She said with the slope that you are on as you come down that hill, it can be difficult to get slowed down enough to turn left or to stop for a car in front of you that is turning left. She liked what she saw in the plans. While it doesn’t resolve the problem of a slick road, it does help give options for turning or going straight.

The corner project is expected to happen next summer. At this time, city officials aren’t able to be exact as to what day or month it will start.

The project is being paid for with surface transportation block grant funds, which are federal funds earmarked for such projects. Eighty percent of the project’s $1.4 million cost will be federally funded, said City Engineer Larry Stevens. The remaining 20 percent, or roughly $280,000, that will be paid by the city will come from general obligation debt bond money that is already set aside for this project.