Following a joint meeting with the Nevada school board, the Nevada City Council held its regular meeting. Here are a few short take-aways from the meeting:

• The council passed third and final readings on the fireworks code changes to shorten time for fireworks around the New Year’s holiday and on the snow emergency wording, making it clear that residents must keep up on moving their vehicles if snow is coming, and not wait for warnings about snow from the city.

• Fire Chief Ray Reynolds said tuckpointing work on the front of the fire station is finished. He also said the fire department will host around 175 firefighters from other departments in mid-November for training utilizing new high pressure technology for fighting fire. Reynolds also said he has publicized the department’s need for people to join a volunteer fire group that will focus on rehab efforts with victims.

• A question was asked about the progress being made at George’s Pizza’s new location on Sixth Street, across from City Hall. Reynolds confirmed that the bar side of the new location for George’s Pizza is now open. Reynolds said they have about two weeks to go before the fire alarm is installed for the other side of the business. He said George’s owner is continuing to work on renovations in the south side of the business, but it’s all looking good.

• Public Safety Director Ric Martinez said he’d spent time meeting with Talent Factory owner Larry Sloan about a film crew that is coming in on Monday, Oct. 30. Martinez said part of the Nevada main street area by the theater will be blocked off that day. Sloan, who was at the meeting, thanked Martinez for his time and told city officials this was a great thing for the city. He said the series, “Play by Play,” which is shooting most of their series at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, will use his theater for a fun episode about a movie date. “The city, public safety, fire department, The Talent Factory … we all get credits in all of this,” he said.

• Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Rhonda Maier said that Nevada was selected unanimously to host another big national softball tournament in 2019, which will bring in 50 teams in late July. “It’s not official yet, but it will be voted on toward the end of this week,” she said. “It’s a win for everybody in our area to have these things come to our community.”

• Parks and Rec Director Tim Hansen shared that water will be shut off in all the parks by the end of this week.

• City Engineer Larry Stevens said he’s working with Building and Zoning Official Shawn Cole to wrap up this season’s construction work. “We’re now bumping up against cold weather, and we do have a lot of asphalt work to be done yet.” Stevens put a plug out for people, if they haven’t, to drive through the city cemetery and see the improvements there with the new asphalt paving.

• City Clerk Kerin Wright said working on the city budget is the main goal of her office at this time.