The majority of time at Monday night’s Nevada school board meeting was spent discussing self-paced math for third- and fourth-graders at Central Elementary.

Third-grade teacher Randi Pool and fourth-grade teacher Maggie Davis say they encourage their students to work at their own pace on a range of mathematical topics, from fractions to drawing angles with protractors to measurements. In the third school year of self-paced math, Davis and Pool both reported that they are seeing positive signs from their students. Some of these positive signs include students collaborating with each other, not worrying about competing with their peers and, most importantly, analyzing why they are not progressing as well as peers in some areas.

“We see [students] collaborating all the time,” said Davis. “I got this for an answer. What did you get?”

Davis and Pool were both quick to point out that during a 90-minute class period, the self-paced portion of class encompasses less than one-third. To help parents or guardians understand, there is also a parents’ guide showing how long it took their child to make it through a particular portion of the math curriculum.

In conclusion, the board got to go through a lesson on angles, using protractors just like the students do.

In other news, the board:

• approved $72,735.26 as the amount of authority to spend on Limited English Proficiency, as well as $209,405 for special education modified allowable growth. Both applications for these amounts will be sent to the Department of Education for approval.

• heard from Mark Crawford during board member comments time, as he passed along condolences to the family of Sue Morrical on behalf of the board. Morrical was a 27-year employee of Nevada Schools, who retired after the past school year.

The next Nevada school board meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at Gates Hall on Oct. 23, in conjunction with the Nevada City Council. This will give the community another chance to weigh in on the proposed changes of the Capstone 2020 project.