They tested their idea out through social media first, and now Lenae Mitchell and her wife, Shelby, are ready to announce their “home-cooked” business venture in Nevada.

Tummy Temptations is offering local residents a variety of home-cooked meals to be delivered to your door.

Shelby Mitchell, a 2010 Nevada High School graduate and native of Nevada, is the “paperwork” partner in the business. She will keep the books, take orders, update and design the menus, etc.

Lenae, who works full time as an administrative assistant at Hach in Ames, is also a graduate of Kirkwood Culinary School and she will handle the cooking end of the business.

“I really just enjoy cooking,” Lenae said. A native of Cedar Rapids, she said she got her love of cooking from her father. “My father was a really good cook and he has always influenced me. Cooking is something I’ve always enjoyed, rather than something I have to do.”

Lenae said that a supervisor in college suggested that she pursue her cooking in some way, even if she was working a full-time job to support her family too. Lenae works outside the home, while Shelby is the stay-at-home parent to their two sons, Brogan, 6, and Bryson, 3, and soon another baby, as Lenae is pregnant at this time and due on Thanksgiving Day.

When it comes to their family, both Lenae and Shelby are very open about their same-sex marriage — the first to ever happen at Nevada’s Memorial Lutheran Church. “We would rather people be educated about our family, because these situations are so common. There are many types of families,” Lenae said.

When it comes to cooking and why she wants to tackle so much of it at home when she already works full time, Lenae said Tummy Temptations will be something she does that she loves. “There’s just an amount of pleasure you can see in someone when they’re enjoying good food,” she said. And she wants to bring that to homes where good home-cooked meals are needed.

Two of her favorite meals to prepare are cavatini and queso chicken. She said cavatini is a pizza pasta dish. “Basically, it’s pasta with red sauce and a choice of pizza toppings, baked with cheese on top,” she said. Her queso chicken is baked in homemade queso sauce, which she said has tomatoes and chilies in it; and then served over rice or pasta.

She also loves making homemade chili. “My dad got into lots of chili competitions,” she said. And from age 4 on up, she was involved in those competitions with her dad. “He would cook in the adult division and I would be in the open division. We travelled everywhere, and then at 18, I got my own chili pot.”

Lenae said everybody has their own vision of what chili should be; but for her, there’s only one thing that matters. “As long as it’s something we want to sit down and eat a bowl of, it doesn’t matter what’s in it.”

When it comes to chili, Tummy Temptations offers many chili options to suit everyone’s tastes.

They’ve been cooking for people already, and as they add new customers, they ask for a week’s notice to do a meal. Their focus at this time is on individuals, couples and families… making sure everyone has a home-cooked meal. In the future, they may consider bigger groups for catering.

Their meal choices range from $4 to $15, depending on the meal choice and number of servings. Lenae said it’s important for people to know that she can do smaller-portion things too.

To take a look at what they are offering, visit their Facebook page at Tummy Temptations or call 515-460-1221.