Nevada Community Historical Society (NCHS) hosted its second annual Briggs Tractor Ride, with 22 riders participating on 20 tractors. Several riders were from the Nevada area. Riders also came from as far away as Eldora and Liscomb.

The ride started at 9 a.m. on Saturday, with 10 tractors in the slow ride and 10 in the fast ride. Both groups made a short stop in Maxwell at the Freedom Rock. The Maxwell stop was special for one rider, who had been meaning to visit the Freedom Rock, where he was able to find a family member’s name.

Riders returned to Briggs Terrace for a great lunch, made and served by volunteers. Visitors were also welcome to join tours of Evergreen Lane. Many riders expressed that it was a great day for a tractor ride and that they plan to return for next year’s event.

NCHS welcomes more riders and visitors. Please contact the Society through or at 515-509-7241.