Local businessman Charlie Good has announced his candidacy for the Ward 4 seat on the Nevada City Council.

In doing so, Good joins Dane Nealson and Jason Sampson, who previously announced their candidacies for that seat.

Good, 59, said he won’t be a “yes” person and he’s straight forward when it comes to sharing his thoughts. “I’m not politically correct, and you’ll know where I stand.” For instance, ask him what’s the number one thing most people in Nevada are concerned about. He doesn’t hesitate.”Drugs. We have a drug problem and nobody’s doing anything about it,” he said. “We need an SRO (student resource officer) in the schools. We need that again.”

As for the things he believes in, Good wants to see more housing in Nevada, more business and industry coming to Nevada and wants to be sure Sixth Street is kept open. His strong desire for Sixth Street to maintain an entrance to Nevada at Highway 30 is what got him involved serving in recent years on the Highway 30 Task Force.

When it comes to housing, Good said, “I think we’re moving in the right direction … but I think we can expand housing a lot faster if we get rid of some of the grueling regulations on contractors.”

Good, who has lived in Nevada for six-and-a-half years and has run a convenience store business in town since 1994, said he has been considering running for council or mayor for awhile. Up until now, though, “there was no reason to run against Ray (Schwichtenberg, who presently serves Ward 4).” Good said he’s been mostly pleased with the way Schwichtenberg has handled the position. And he decided to run for council, rather than mayor, he said, because council members get a vote.

Good believes Nevada needs more work on its roads, and said he will be a strong advocate for things that support and protect Nevada’s small businesses.

Good feels he’s qualified to serve on the council, based on years of service to other organizations. Formerly a resident of Zearing, Good served for 17 years on the Veterans Ballfield board. He served eight years on the North Story County Little League Baseball board. Then, he became involved — as a popular small business person when it comes to renewable fuels — with the American Coalition For Ethanol. He’s now their spokesman. He also serves on a retail advisory committee for the Petroleum Marketers of Iowa. His major interest in renewable fuels has given him opportunities to meet with many legislators at both the state and federal levels, and travel to Washington, D.C., four times. In fact, he and fellow Nevadan Bill Couser will head to Washington, D.C., again on Nov. 9 to meet with the head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Good said he also feels it’s an advantage for him that he’s in front of the public on a daily basis, running his business. “I hear their concerns, good and bad,” he said. “And they’ll know where to find me.”

Good’s wife, Michelli, is a 14-year employee of the Story County Sheriff’s Office. They have four children: Austin, 27, of Nevada; Adam, 26, of Ankeny; Alex, 22, a member of the United States Marines, living elsewhere at this time; and Addison, 10.

Sept. 21 was the last official day to file to run on the ballot in city elections. City elections will be held on Nov. 7.