The biggest vote happening in the Nevada Journal coverage area Tuesday was the Colo-NESCO bond issue for facilities improvements. Sixty percent of the 948 voters who went to the polls in the district voted against the measure, in what is a fifth straight failed bond issue at Colo-NESCO, according to district officials.

“Tonight, the voters of this district have overwhelmingly spoken,” said Dr. Steve Gray late Tuesday night. “Declining enrollment trends and deteriorating facility conditions are a current reality. Long-term sustainability of this district will be difficult to ensure without proactive measures by our communities,” he added.

Gray said the Colo-NESCO school board and administration will have some tough decisions to consider in the coming months and years. “We will continue to move forward to provide the best educational opportunities for the children of Colo-NESCO,” Gray said.

Gray thanked all the people who engaged in the extensive planning process over the past year. “They provided thoughtful consideration in their development of a plan, while faced with a myriad of variables,” he said.

There were no real surprises in the other elections in the Nevada and Colo-NESCO districts. In Nevada, Mark Crawford, Leanne Harter and Tori Carsrud, all currently serving, captured enough votes to continue. The unknown is who garnered most of the 132 write-in votes to take the fourth open seat. John Anderson announced a write-in candidacy, but on social media, several other names were being floated throughout the day Tuesday.

At Colo, John Fuller, Jr., and Traci Nessa were elected, and there were 228 write-in votes in District 2, which had no official candidates. Justin Jedlicka, however, announced his candidacy several days before the election and was being talked about favorably for the position on most social media posts.