Nevada Police Chief Ricardo Martinez said three Nevada businesses suffered broken glass sometime in the overnight hours between Thursday night and Friday morning.

It appears the perpetrator or perpetrators actually gained entry into one of the businesses, NuCara Pharmacy on Sixth Street. But whoever was trying to gain entry to the other two — Nevada Ace Hardware and Community Bank — only broke glass and never actually got in, according to officers’ reports, Martinez said.

NuCara Vice President of Operations Brett Barker said the break-in at NuCara happened around 12:15 a.m. Friday. “The Nevada Public Safety Department and Story County Sheriff’s deputies that responded last night were fantastic and are working hard on the case,” Barker said Friday afternoon.

Martinez said NuCara officials were working Friday on a full inventory of their merchandise and drugs to determine if anything was taken.

Martinez said that even if one thing was taken, it would make the crime a burglary, which is a Class C felony. “We have no leads at this point,” Martinez said about possible suspects, “but we have evidence that we’re processing.”

It’s speculation to say that all three incidents of broken glass/windows are related, but one thing is for sure. Two of the incidents, at NuCara and Nevada Ace Hardware, where glass was broken on the east front door, are pretty much out in the open areas, and are better lit than a lot of places. “Whoever did this is fairly brazen,” Martinez said.

As for right now, Martinez has asked his officers to be vigilant about people who are out and about after dark, and to pay close attention to those they come in contact with in the evening and overnight hours.

When asked if the recent activity might be related to the earlier summer’s vandalism activities, mostly in the Nevada business districts and in parks, Martinez couldn’t comment on that. He said no one has been charged yet with any of those crimes, but he does feel an arrest or arrests will be made at some point.

NuCara was a victim of the spray painting crimes this summer and now this. Barker said one thing’s for sure, and that is that most local residents care. “I want to thank the residents and other Nevada businesses that helped us clean up and patch things up this morning. That showed me what Nevada is all about,” he said.