As the partner in a business on Nevada’s Sixth Street, Janet Lundgren has become an active advocate for keeping the business district looking nice.

“I think it is a welcoming and positive reflection of our proud community to present Nevada as a beautiful, friendly, established place to live and work. The beauty of Nevada is the good people and the thriving downtown and surrounding areas that have a wonderful history and a positive future,” she said.

Working with the Nevada Chamber of Commerce and with director of the Chamber, Lynn Scarlett, Lundgren is focused on doing all she can to help bring the importance of revitalization and property upkeep and beautification to the forefront of people’s minds. She’s even taken her passion about it to social media, where she comments about what she’d like to see happen and helps spread the word for people who need help with various things to keep their property looking good.

“Keeping our buildings freshly painted, our streets and alleys clean and (having) updated signage shows pride in our community that attracts new businesses, companies and an increase in population,” Lundgren said. “It’s a win-win situation. Everybody likes to show their hometown off.”

Just as he’s leading the effort to review all residential properties in the city, Nevada’s city administrator, Matt Mardesen, has been involved in helping the Chamber and business owners when it comes to property upkeep. Lundgren said Mardesen, and Mayor Lynn Lathrop, “attend our regular monthly meetings and offer suggestions and insight into the revitalization program.

The program for revitalization, Lundgren said, started this past spring, “when we approached the American Legion and asked if they would be willing to fly their American flags from May until November. They graciously agreed, and we now have our beautiful flags flying from every street lamp,” she said.

The committee is also looking at things like welcome signs that could be lit and other ways businesses can get help to keep property looking nice.

“You can’t help but notice our businesses have been painting, roofing, providing outside seating, decorating windows and cleaning up their locations,” she said.

Lundgren said there’s a growing passion in the community for people trying to help others where they can, and she’s trying to help match up those who can help with those who need it. “The high school, service clubs, individuals and families are all stepping up to volunteer to help those citizens who need help cleaning their properties,” Lundgren said. Things like raking yards, mowing, painting decks, painting houses, painting businesses, tree trimming and planting flowers are a few of the ways that people can help others, she said. She also hopes that those with special skills will offer their time and talents to help others too.

“Presently, we have a homeowner who needs a temporary roof repair. This is at a crisis situation and most likely will require a new roof in the near future. It’s a lot to ask, but miracles do happen,” she said. She would love to receive calls from anyone who can help.

“There’s no better feeling than to help others,” she said.

And for her, at 67 years of age, she figures she has a good 15 years left to do her part to help with beautification in the Nevada community.

Mardesen said one things for sure when it comes to business properties and/or residential properties. “If you clean one up, there’s a spread factor … everyone starts cleaning up.”