Workers from Manatt’s had trucks lined up all around the back driveway into Nevada Middle School’s parking lot last Thursday as they worked on paving the basketball courts behind the school in the playground area. School Superintendent Dr. Steve Gray said it is typical for the school to have concrete repairs at various places across the district each summer. This summer, he noted, has been especially busy. The hard surface portion of the elementary playground is getting a new overlay due to cracking and the potential for safety concerns. The asphalt basketball courts and sidewalks at the middle school are being replaced for similar reasons. Also going on at the schools are some landscaping changes in a couple areas. Gray said they’ve changed a portion around the auditorium because the mulch was consistently washing out. Students’ footpaths were also exacerbating the problem. Similarly, the area in front of the high school was changed as the planted areas were becoming unintended pathways for students and plants were getting trampled. In the place of plantings, the school has put in pavers and decorative rocks. “We hope this new approach is more practical for our students who wait in these areas, and yet still aesthetically pleasing,” Gray said. Photos by Marlys Barker