Fun and fitness, and tasty, yet healthy food can all go together, according to one Nevada mom, who wants to help others realize how easy good health and nutrition can be.

Sarah Coolley, 33, moved to Nevada with her husband, Marty, about eight years ago and the couple has two young children, Izzy, 8, and Ryan, 5.

Back in Wyoming, where Sarah came here from, she had worked in a hotel, starting at age 14 in housekeeping, and finally resigning as manager. She proved that she had lots of ambition for bettering herself in a job, but, she said, she ate unhealthy things and had never worked out a day in her life.

“When I had my kids, I realized the weight doesn’t fall off,” she said. And that’s when she decided to become ambitious about her own well-being. Just looking at her, one can see she’s been a great success on this front.

Now, she’d like to take all that she’s learned, a lot of it through an online workout mentor, Emily Schromm, who has a business of creating workouts and selling health products, and works in fitness herself. “I’m an ambassador for her,” Sarah said, noting that she will continue to be an ambassador for Schromm. But, she is also starting her own business, 9th Street Fitness.

It was in planning meals for one of Schromm’s healthy challenges earlier this year - menus that were released to everyone participating in the challenge - that Sarah started to realize how she could make health advising into a career in the local community.

Before planning for Schromm’s challenge, she had never done meal planning on that scale, but she loved it.

Her favorite recipes, Sarah said, are quite simple. “I look for a healthy fat, a good quality protein and then tons of veggies at every meal.” She said it’s basically a paleo- eating style with lots of whole foods.

When it comes to working out, she wants to help others realize that working out can be fun and can be done without a lot of equipment or going to a gym. “If you have a body, you have a gym,” she said.

She’s an advocate of short, intense workouts. And she loves involving her kids in her workouts. “They’re little yogies,” she said, noting that they love doing yoga poses with her. They also love to do burpees, and her daughter, she said, loves to do squats.

Sarah has opened herself up to becoming a food and exercise consultant to others in the community. She can help you on the nutrition side by creating meal plans, and she can help you on the fitness side with personal workouts that can happen within your home and utilize any equipment you might have, or no equipment at all.

She will charge for each service (meal planning and exercise workouts planning), and she will have a special rate for doing both services for a client. To contact her, use Instagram @motherrunner32 (which is also where she posts lots of fitness information), or email her:

After posting her new business plan on social media recently, she’s already gained a few clients; and this past weekend she held a free workout in the park for those interested in trying some of the exercise things she likes to do.

About four years ago, she dropped her old habits and starting leading her healthier life. She finds herself now to be a more confident and independent person, and raising her kids in a much healthier way than she otherwise might have.

She also feels she’s helping herself and her children to stay away from a family history of issues like diabetes and heart disease. “At 33, I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in.”