Jason Sampson, 46, has announced his candidacy for the Ward 4 council seat in Nevada.

Sampson, who is the director of Transportation and chief mechanic for Nevada and Colo-Nesco school districts, has lived in Nevada with his family for three years. That’s not long, he agrees, “but Nevada sure has made us feel like we have lived here our whole lives. The people in this town are very friendly.”

The Sampson family includes Jason’s wife, Marcia, and their six kids: Jacob, Justin, Angela, Amber, Sandra and Samantha. The Sampsons are also currently the temporary guardian for a seventh child, Bailee, and they have two granddaughters.

Sampson said his family has previously lived in multiple locations due to the fact the company he used to work for kept promoting him through their managerial ranks. But, he and his wife are both originally from the suburbs of Chicago.

“I graduated from Kaneland High School in Elburn, Ill. I did take a few business classes, but enjoyed being out in the world working more than going to school, so my education comes from life lessons,” he said.

Sampson said he’s decided to run for City Council because he loves the community. “As the family and I have been here, we have realized what a great community this is. That being said, I spoke with my wife Marcia about doing this, and she has always been behind me 100 percent, so to be able to give back to this community that has already given us so much was an easy decision.”

If elected, Sampson said his number-one goal is to be a voice of the people in the Fourth Ward. “I would like to see Nevada have slow, conservative growth. We are currently in a very good position considering we have many that drive to the Des Moines metro area for work, and having a great community like Ames next door with all its amenities puts Nevada in a very favorable position to grow at our pace.”

As the director of Transportation in the Nevada and Colo-Nesco districts, Sampson said he watches most of the new projects going on around town and keeps up on future developments so that the schools can can plan accordingly and not be caught off guard with any new housing developments. So he would come in with that knowledge.

He also feels that his 13 years experience as a manager, from running a construction site to managing the school bus industry, can serve him well as a councilman. “Working in the Nevada School District helps, because our team here at in the transportation department affects many lives on a daily basis and so does the responsibility of being a councilman.”

Sampson said he looks forward to the opportunity to be a bigger part of Nevada. “We have invested a lot into being here in this town, and I want this town to be great for my young daughters to grow up in and for anyone else wanting to move here, whether it is for a home or business.”

In announcing his candidacy, Sampson joins Dane Nealson in the race for the Ward 4 seat.