Nevada resident Larry Sloan, 64, who many people in Nevada know as owner of the local Talent Factory, has announced his candidacy for the Ward 2 council seat in Nevada. He is the first to publicly announce a run for this seat.

In a prepared release that he delivered via social media, Sloan said, “I am not running against anyone or anything, but rather for the opportunity to be a part of helping improve life for the people and businesses of this great city, that has become our home since 1993.”

Sloan’s wife, Cindy, co-owns and operates the Talent Factory, located in the former Camelot Theater building in downtown Nevada. The Sloans purchased that business in 2012. But Larry Sloan’s occupational background is more than just entrepreneurial. “My main occupation was working with security and law enforcement for 25 years. I started training law enforcement and security in defensive tactics back in the late 1970s.”

On the business side, Sloan, has owned several businesses. He owned a business in Nevada called The Dragon’s Lair, where he operated three different sub-businesses: The Dragon’s Voice, doing voice-overs; The Dragon’s Blades, where he sold Japanese swords and knives and The Dragon’s Self Defense office. From 2007 to 2014, Sloan worked for Mom’s Meals as a plant engineer.

“I still keep my hand in voice-overs and radio,” Sloan said. “Recently, I was approached by an Ames radio station to do some on-air time on a part-time basis.”

When it comes to running for council, Sloan said he decided to run at this time, because “I believe I have some skills that I can offer to help the continuing improvement in our community for the citizens and small businesses.”

Sloan is no stranger to the City Council, as he’s shown up at a number of meetings in the past to either make his voice heard on some topic, or to listen in. “The council is made up of good citizens. I like and respect our current City Council members. I also know that some of them have decided not to run this year, so I’d like to offer my skills and try to be a part of this city’s future.”

Sloan said like many cities that are Nevada’s size, he sees some drug problems and some crime problems facing the community. The recent change in city administrators, he believes, was a good one. He likes that Matt Mardesen, the new city administrator, has a law enforcement background. “That has to be a positive influence on our police department, by having someone familiar with the problems and the operational issues we have,” Sloan said.

When it comes to drugs and crime, Sloan said, “We need to come down hard on the drug dealers and the petty crime that we’ve been experiencing lately,” he said. “Nevada has had issues with opioid abuse and minors vandalizing businesses.”

Sloan would also like to see the city more involved in helping start-up businesses downtown and searching for small business retail chains to come to Nevada.

Finally, Sloan would like to see a commission or committee put in place to study how the city can attract and keep good officers, since the police department has trouble getting good officers to stay.

Sloan said as a council representative, he will bring business experience, as well as strong communication skills. The good thing about being a strong communicator, he said, is keeping people honestly informed. “People are capable of making good decisions if they are given accurate, honest information. I believe in transparency in government as is appropriate given the circumstances.” He also believes in communicating with open terms. “I believe if you ask for reasonable things, reasonable people will give you what you ask for,” he said.

Sloan and his wife, Cindy, have been married 45 years. They have two sons, Chris and K.C.; two adopted sons, Kevin and Kyle; and a granddaughter, Shelbie, who lived with them for six years. They have a total of seven grandchildren. They are also huge lovers of pets.