Dan Shickell donated and delivered 52 cases of 6” plant containers to the Nevada High School greenhouse with tray bases. Shickell works for Coldwell Banker Facility Management, which maintains Syngenta’s plant research and greenhouse facilities. Syngenta changed the containers used for growing research plants, so rather than going to the landfill, Shickell suggested repurposing the containers in public education.

Shickell arrived on a Friday afternoon around 5 p.m. — by 7:30, Kevin Cooper and Shickell had the cases of containers on pallets and shrink-wrapped with plastic to stabilize the palletized boxes. Each box contains 375 containers, so the entire donation consisted of over 19,500 plant containers. “To buy these containers with trays would be over $5,000” stated Kevin Cooper, Nevada High School agriculture education instructor and FFA advisor. “The timing of this was perfect this spring, just in time for transplanting plants for retail sales” added Cooper