When it comes to Emergency Services, it is not much of a stretch to say that James Budd, RN, has pretty much seen it all. From his work as a paramedic to a stint as a flight nurse/paramedic and nursing positions in some of the busiest Emergency Departments spanning the country from California to Ohio, Budd is right at home in the fast-paced emergency care world. As such, he was the perfect choice to assume the duties of director of Emergency Services at Story Medical.

Just a few weeks into the job, he is already feeling right at home.

“Story Medical offered me a wonderful opportunity to put what I’ve learned in practice to work in a leadership position,” Budd says. “I feel like my experience gives me insight to help our team in the Emergency Department grow. I also have connections throughout the area we serve because of positions I’ve held in the past. I think that is a huge benefit.”

This is the first director-level position Budd has held in his career, but he says he has always committed to leading by example in his work. He adds that approaching care in that way has helped him to thrive in an environment marked by chaotic situations and split-second decisions.

“There are a number of issues that arise on any given workday that are totally unique to Emergency Services professionals,” Budd says. “Because I served in the field as a paramedic, and in the Emergency Room and clinic setting as a nurse, I have a wide range of knowledge to draw from to help staff provide the best care possible.”

He also has a firm grasp of the role the Emergency Department at a critical access hospital like Story Medical plays in the continuum of care.

“The service we provide is vital,” Budd says. “We are the front line provider for even the most critical patients. By stabilizing these patients and preparing them for transfer to a more advanced level of care, in many cases, we are saving their lives.

“We may be a smaller provider, but our role in providing advanced care at a moment’s notice is vital.”

Budd is a native of Ames and returned to the region about a decade ago. He most recently served as a nurse at Iowa ENT in Des Moines. He and his wife Mary, live in Nevada.