It’s a morning in the past — 1853 to be exact. Seventeen school kids around the Nevada area enjoyed a morning of what life was like in 1853 for the pioneers of Nevada.

First, they learned about some important pioneer families that were here when Nevada was first formed and how they would have travelled and lived here, along with the presidents that were in office during the time. Next they got to work on doing daily chores, which included cleaning of the cabin, cutting grass and collecting firewood. Then they made some food by hand — they ground corn for cornbread, cut apples to cook on the fire, made fresh butter and tea. They had a scavenger hunt, hunted for things they would have needed or used in 1853. At lunch, they were able to taste what they had worked hard to make. Then they played a couple games that would have been played by the pioneer children.

The Historical Society enjoyed having the children come to the 1853 day camp and were happy to see that they had so much fun in their experience of the past. The society is looking forward to the Briggs Terrace camp on Monday, July 24.