Nevada Police

The following information is released by the Nevada Police Department. The Journal prints all information released from the department, including juvenile arrests, as per current law. We would encourage the public to keep in mind that these charges are merely an accusation, and the defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


6/19: Edward Charles Walls, Nevada, 52, 1–Warrant (x2), 2-Possessing Contraband-Detention/Prison

6/20: Deon James Siders, Nevada, 44, 1–DUS

6/22: Travis John Axley, Nevada, 27, 1–Trespass

6/24: Ashley Amanda Ann Green, Nevada, 27, 1-Reckless driving, 2-Interfere w/official acts

6/24: Kevin Robert Podell, Nevada, 46, 1-D.W.L.R.

6/24: Raekwon Jevonte Jefferson, Davenport, 21, 1–DUS

6/25: Luis Fernando Gutierrez, Jr., Nevada, 18, 1-Assault (D/A) (Simple), 2-Obstruct Emergency Communications

6/25: Laci Lorraine Bairey, Nevada, 28, 1-Disorderly conduct, 2-Trespass, 3-Criminal Mischief 5th Degree

6/30: Ashley Amanda Ann Green, Nevada, 27, 1-Assault (Simple), 2–Trespass

6/30: Tylar Aaron Lee Coffman, Nevada, 18, 1–Warrant

7/04: Brandon J. Pringle, Stanhope, 26, 1–Warrant (x3)

7/07: David Allen Gibbs, Nevada, 64, 1-Drug Poss Marj, 2-Drug Paraphernalia

7/07: Laci Lorraine Bairey, Nevada, 28, 1-Drug Paraphernalia