Nevada High School FFA Chapter had six student travel to and participate in the National FFA Washington, D.C. Leadership Conference. The Nevada students that attended were Kaitlyn Cook, Emma Griffin, Ryanne Barker, Noah Nusbaum, Ethan Wild and Jay Calentine. The 2017 Washington Leadership Conference was held June 13-17. The cost of the trip was $1,185 per student. The Nevada FFA Chapter funded $920 per participant, with the students providing $265 of the conference cost. “We think it is important to provide funding for students to attend activities like the Washington, D.C. Conference — money well spent for a great experience!” stated Nevada FFA advisor Kevin Cooper.

The annual conference focuses on leadership development, personal growth and community service. More than 2,200 students — up to 340 a week from throughout the U.S. who are FFA members — will attend one of the conference’s seven weeklong sessions in June and July.

“Students come to the Washington Leadership Conference wanting to make a difference. They leave knowing they can – and will,” said Dwight Armstrong, CEO of the National FFA Organization. “I believe students are generally aware of global problems like hunger and poverty, but many are sheltered and disconnected from what’s happening in the world.

During their time in Washington, FFA members experience real-world problems and take critical steps toward personal growth and developing leadership skills they’ll need to make a difference in people’s lives, starting in their own communities.”

Created in 1969 and held annually in Washington, D.C., the conference helps students develop leadership skills, identify personal strengths, develop awareness of societal differences and human needs and strategize how they can help others through community service.

The conclusion of each weekly session of the Washington Leadership Conference is a civic engagement activity where participants apply what they have learned at the conference to a real, hands-on service activity. In a partnership with Meals of Hope, students will be packing approximately 60,000 highly palatable meals that will be delivered directly to the food insecure of Washington, D.C. Students will be packing both an oatmeal apple cinnamon mix, as well as fortified macaroni and cheese. This year, students also will volunteer more than 9,500 hours to pack and ship thousands of meals to Nicaragua to help that third-world country battle hunger.

The 2017 National FFA Organization’s Washington Leadership Conference is sponsored through the National FFA Foundation by title sponsors Monsanto and CSX and by weekly sponsors TransCanada, Crop Production Services, Farm Credit and BNSF. For more, visit