“In today’s economy, many Iowans are taking advantage of the land and garden spaces that are available to them to grow their own foods,” said Holly VanHeel, ISU Extension Nutrition & Wellness program specialist. “We are ‘rediscovering’ the joy and economies of home gardening, and want to preserve that bounty to enjoy throughout the year by freezing, drying or canning those foods.”

Whether you have been canning for years or are just starting out, an introductory program is being offered to bring up-to-date information and resources to you. The program will discuss the importance of using USDA-approved and tested recipes and methods to eliminate health concerns caused by improperly handled or preserved foods.

ISU Extension Nutrition and Wellness program specialists are eager to provide a general overview of home food preservation. This comprehensive program will touch on canning, both hot water bath and pressure canning; freezing; proper equipment; techniques and a review of dehydrating foods. The newest information regarding times, pressure, altitude, resources and more will be addressed. Free testing of dial gauge pressure canner lids will also be available!

Come to the Colo Public Library on Aug. 3, from 6:30- 8:30 p.m., to learn how to properly preserve your harvest. Register your participation by contacting the Story County Extension Office at 515-382-6551. For specific questions, contact Holly VanHeel at vanheel@iastate.edu or 515-576-2119. This is a great opportunity for anyone age 18 years or older who is interested in learning safe food preservation techniques.