Sixteen years ago, Traci and Wes Hubbard opened a 24-hour gym, Fitness AdvantEdge. With a new opportunity next door, Traci and Wes will now be providing another fitness service for the women of Nevada.

Right next door to Fitness AdvantEdge is the newly renovated Her AdvantEdge — a women’s-only gym for women at all levels of fitness to be able to get in their fitness routine at any time of day.

“At the time that we opened [Fitness Advant Edge], there was a women’s facility here in Nevada,” Traci said. “When that closed, we always felt like there was a real void in the community.”

Traci said the choice to make the new gym a women’s-only facility was because there are a lot of women out there who are not comfortable at coed gyms.

“Our tagline is ‘Be your own kind of beautiful,’” Traci said. “That’s really what we want to try to accomplish here, making women feel good about where they are at whatever stage in life.”

The new gym is circuit-based, with primarily hydraulic machinery in addition to some cardio and weight options, and can accommodate 24 people at once. One cycle is about 18 minutes, with 60 seconds on a machine, followed by 30 seconds on a pad that allows the participant to do whatever she wants, from resting to squats and anywhere in between.

“If anyone has concerns about working out, Traci is really good about putting people at ease and teaching them about the equipment,” Wes said.

Wes and Traci both wanted to provide something to women that would allow for flexibility in their schedules. Gym-goers are able to jump into the circuit as soon as they hear the tone in the music, allowing for them to come in for a workout at any time.

For those who begin to feel more comfortable or want to add to their workout, there is a pass-through to Fitness AdvantEdge available where more weight machines, as well as hundreds of virtual classes, are available.

The enthusiasm and acceptance have been overwhelming for both Traci and Wes.

“We have been just so blessed. We’ve had people coming in daily to sign up,” Traci said.

Her AdvantEdge offers a $41 auto-debit membership as well as three-, six- and 12-month options. Doors have been open since June 1 and a formal grand opening will be coming, according to Wes.

Traci and Wes are both looking forward to continuing their passion for fitness and helping make a difference in people’s lives, they said.

“Anybody that comes through the doors — we want to make sure that their experience is everything they expect and more,” Traci said.