Nevada FFA’s veterinarian medicine team placed seventh overall for a gold award in the Iowa FFA Association veterinary career development event. FFA teams from across Iowa participated in this year’s Career Development Event, designed to provide the student an opportunity to display their agricultural knowledge and skills in the area of veterinary science.

The students completed a general knowledge examination on-line focusing on veterinary science. The on-line test was proctored by Bob Mittman, a Nevada High School math teacher. The team members also prepared a video focusing on proper veterinary clinical practices, which was uploaded to YouTube for evaluation of protocol. The student demonstrated proper dosage and oral drench of a melatonin product for cattle. In addition, the students were required to draft a letter in response to VFD (veterinary feed directive) and animal production.

The team won first place in the written response scenario. The students invested many hours in the evening and before school to complete all segments of the contest.