School is not out at Nevada High School! Agriculture education students and FFA member volunteers were in the greenhouse on Wednesday, June 1,4 to plant 184+ chrysanthemum rooted cuttings into 10” “mum pans.”

The plants arrived in fifty strips around 11:45 a.m.; six student volunteers arrived to the greenhouse by 12:30 p.m. to prepare growing media, fill pans and begin placing three mums into each pan in a triangular arrangement. Two slow release Osmocote fertilizer modules were placed with the cuttings.

Varieties planted included: combination Spellbound, combination Trick or Treat, Cheryl Golden and Cheryl Jolly Red. The plants should be ready by mid-September and predicted retail price will be $20 per ten-inch container.

“I was impressed with the spirited enthusiasm that the students possessed to get this done,” added Kevin Cooper, Nevada High School ag ed instructor and FFA advisor.